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Double Your Income 90-Day Challenge

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

YWCA Hotel

733 Beatty Street, VancouverBC


If you could simply get in front of more people would your business grow? 
Maybe this is the most important 90-minute workshop of your business career.

Doubling your income in 90 days sounds crazy. Yet in the last two years, 43% of those who accepted the challenge have doubled their income. It’s amazing what we can do when we make a decision to do something, and put a date on when we’ll get it done.

In the workshop we’ll discuss the mindset required to double your income, and the strategy and mechanics that will get you there. We will also challenge you to either get a buddy and take the challenge with them or set aside a time to meet with 8-10 others weekly for 90 days to develop strategies to get you there.


The sales process doesn’t break down because we aren’t good enough at selling but because we don’t have enough of the RIGHT people to talk to. If you have a steady stream of potential clients, you could rapidly grow your business. FasTrak (the 90-day challenge) is designed to do just that.

Join us for 90 minutes that will be the catalyst to doubling your income. If you take the challenge, you will join many others who will be giving each other practical, tactical daily and weekly support and community for the entire 90 days.

Are you making decisions based on where you are right now in your business or where you want to be? Is it time to push forward to a new level? Take the 90-day challenge. Get on the FasTrak. Tap into the power of your peers, get off the treadmill, and get back to the passion that brought you into the business in the first place.

This 90-minute challenge is free. Limited Seating.



What Would We Do If The Internet Crashed?

There’s no Plan B for what to do if the entire Net goes down. We should totally get on that.

In a recent TED talk, Danny Hillis, who just so happens to be the third person ever to register a domain name on the Internet and was around during its formative early days, pointed out something that may surprise you: If the Internet was taken out by a virus, an accident, or a deliberate, concentrated attack, we have no “plan B.” And because so many surprising services and systems rely on the Net today, much of what makes our society work could simply cease functioning…

Here’s the full story.

What would you do? 

[Image: Flickr user noii]


Do you want to win a free pass to this exclusive workshop with Chuck Blakeman, author of the #1 Rated Business Book of the Year, Making Money is Killing Your Business?

It’s easy to participate. But first, what is this workshop all about?


Learn how to build a mature business that gives you money, time and significance.

What does a successful business look like? How do I get there? Where do I start? How do I turn my passion into a real business that works for ME?

There is nothing in business that tells us when our business is grown up except “build it to sell it”, and almost no one wants to do that. 

We expect our kids to grow up, why don’t we expect our business to as well? Because there is no artificial construct in place to tell you when a business is grown up, and we don’t even know what that looks like.

To break through from just stability to success, we need a Business Maturity Date - BMD. Every business can get to a BMD in 3to5Years. 

A BMD should be focused on three things; Time, Money and Significance:

A) Money - How much money am I taking home (not the business - YOU!)?

B) Time - How much time do I have at my discretion (to CHOOSE to go to work, relax, work in a non-profit, go on vacation)?

C) Significance - What kind of significance is my business generating for me ($X per month to a non-profit, build my own non-profit, tour the world, enjoy my grandkids…)?

Put a date on when your business becomes mature and have a very clear plan for getting there.

This Workshop will revolutionize everything you understood about success as a business owner.



Thursday, March 28, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM (PDT)

Segal Graduate School of Business Building
500 Granville Street, 
Simon Fraser University - Room 2300 
VancouverBritish Columbia 


Now you can win a free pass (valued at $190) for the 3.5 hour seminar, plus a 90-minute private session with Chuck Blakeman after the event.

Simply tweet the text below:

I want to win a free pass to the Business Maturity Date Workshop  via  

You can tweet up to two times per day. Each tweet is an entry to win. We’ll randomly draw the winner of a free ticket. All tweets must have the #BMDvancouver hashtag included.


Chuck Blakeman, author of the #1 Rated Business Book of the Year, Making Money is Killing Your Business inspires audiences to:

  • get off the treadmill
  • make more money is LESS time
  • get back to the passion that brought them into business in the first place

Transformational - Practical - Visionary

Chuck inspires, and transforms your approach to business and your future. He started and built seven successful businesses both in the U.S. and internationally, and now uses his leadership experience to help business owners and companies build successful businesses and get off the treadmill. He is a rare combination of successful entrepreneur, speaker and author. His company, The Crankset Group, provides outcome-based mentoring and peer advisory for businesses worldwide. 

Chuck will disorient you with his counter-intuitive and no-nonsense approach to life and business. Then he’ll put it all back together so you walk out different than you came in, with one “blinding flash of the obvious” that transforms you, your business and your life.



Why Can’t We Tickle Ourselves?

Neuroscientist David Eagleman explains:

Because your brain is always predicting your own actions, and how your body will feel as a result, you cannot tickle yourself. Other people can tickle you because they can surprise you. You can’t predict what their tickling actions will be.

Read more.[Images: Fun book]

The Fresh Air interview with David Eagleman: What’s Hiding in the Unconscious Mind

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